Clay Brick Machines


JYK70/60-4.0 double-stage vacuum extruder

JYK70/60-4.0 Vacuum Extruder brief introduction: CMM sereies double stage vacuum extruder is the sixth generation large brick making equipment designed and manufactured by our company through several researches. This machine can utilize such materials as coal gangue, the whole shale, high mixing amount fly ash, etc. So it is the ideal equiopment for the production


JZK55/55-4.0 double-stage vacuum extruder

JZK55/55-4.0 Double Stage Vacuum Extruder brief introduction: CMM series double stage vacuum extruders are new equipments researched, designed and produced by our company through the advanced experience both at home and abroad, which is mainly used in coal gangue, fly ash, shale, clay and other materials. It is the ideal equipment of the production of


JZK50/50-3.5 double-stage vacuum extruder

JZK50/50-3.5 double-stage vacuum extruder brief introduction: The CMM series extruder molding machine is specially designed for the extruding of coal gangue and shale with hard plastic index. JZK50/50-3.5 double-stage vacuum extruder can also be applied to urban construction waste, mine waste and the brick making of clay bricks. The machine carries the advantages of high


JZK50/50-3.0 double-stage vacuum extruder

JZK50/50-3.0 double-stage vacuum extruder brief introduction: CMM series energy-saving vacuum brick machine is a newly design machine to transform the clay solid bricks with big quantity and wide market into the new-typed hollow bricks. It is a new generation of energy-saving compact two-stage vacuum extruder originally developed by CMM Company. Compared with the same combination


fully automatic cutting cutter

fully automatic cutting cutter brief introduction: QT—26 QP280 series automatic system is mainly used in the process of the production of sintered brick, which cut the mud squeezed by brick extruding machine into qualified adobe. This series automatic system can make it possible that slitting is made without any help of people to save labor

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