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Double Stage Vacuum Extruder is an extruding & shaping device for solid & hollow brick production line. Vacuum Extruder is suitable for solid bricks with highly ratios hole, sintering bricks highly contained clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, mountain mud, silt, etc.  low plastic glues soil brick, as well as the production of gangue and shale bricks.

Double Stage Vacuum Extruder have many advantages:

  • structure novel
  • technique advanced
  • high extruding
  • big capacity
  • highly vacuum degree
  • controlled by air clutch and is sensitive, convenient and reliable

Double Stage Vacuum Extruder technical parameter:

Model Producing capacity
Rotarion Speed of Main shaft [r/min] Outer dimension
JKY60/60-40 16000~20000 Y6-75(220) 32,20 5450X5960X2700
JKY50/50E-40 12000~16000 Y6-55(160) 38,25 5300X5550X2500
JKB50/50B-35 12000~16000 Y6-55(160) 38,25 6500X1850X2500
JKB50/50C-30 12000~16000 Y6-155(132) 38,25 6470x1800x2500
JKB45/45D-30 11000~14000 Y6-45(110) 40,28 6320x1800x2420
JKR45/45F-25 11000~14000 Y6-45(110) 40,28 6100x1680x2370
JKR40/40F-20 9000~12000 Y6-45(90) 40,35 5400x1600x2220
JKR35/35D-20 7000~9000 Y6-22(75) 32,32 5000x1550x2050
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