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The brick cutting machine adopts stainless steel plate design, article mud propel without coat with oil, reduce labor intensity, coattails dual track wear-resisting promote slot design, through adjusting screw speed accurate into the slot reach to cut surface tidy, through double parallel pushing forward line after work smoothly and mesa, small vibration, Under Normal Condition service life more than 20 years, suitable for cutting all kinds of hollow bricks and solid bricks.

brick cutting machine Features:
Our fully automatic strip cutting machine includes two parts, one is the Cutter and the other is the Slitter. These processes only need one person to control, which will save about 3000 dollars every year. It is equipped with the complete automatic code system and the PLC programming touching instruction, suitable for coal gangue shale, fly ash, clay, hard plastic, Semi-hard, plastic, soft plastic, standard brick, hollow brick and so on.

The specific features as follows:
1) Compatible automated production line can realize unmanned operation.
2) The vertical strip cutting machine can overcome the mud dump, increase production, save 7-15% energy, reduce one or two staffs and decrease working wear.
3) With intellective anti-deflective control, the machine can save 70-100% of fuel, matching with stainless steel parts, wearable table, and the mud strip can automatically in position.

brick cutting machine Technical Parameter:

The Specification of Slitter
Size 2150×890×1030mm
Cutting Length 950-1280mm
Working Pressure ≤2.0Mpa
Motor Power Y80M-4-0.75KW
Speed Ratio 1:11
The specification of Cutter
Size 1700×2000×1560mm
Motor Power Y132S-4-5.5KW
A07144 0.75 KW
Speed Ratio 1:35
Email: Tel: 0086-37155170088
Address: National HI-TECH Industry Development Zone,Zhengzhou, China
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