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CMM are engaged in offering qualitative and well processed range of Automatic concrete block machines. Our automatic hydraulic brick machine is designed by world class standard hydraulic with vibro compaction machine PLC control, these are widely appreciated in the industry.

Our range of products include Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine such as Hydraulic Operated Concrete Block Making Machine, Concrete Block Making Machines, Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine and Hydraulic Block Machines.

QT12-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

Production Details:

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 17280-23040 pcs
  • Solid Block (240×115×53mm): 80640-115200 pcs
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 50400–67200 pcs
  • Holland Brick (200×100×60-80mm): 55296–69120 pcs

QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

Production Details:

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 14400-19200 pcs
  • Solid Block (240×115×53mm): 77760-103680 pcs
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 31104-38880 pcs
  • Holland Brick (200×100×60-80mm): 40320–50400 pcs

QT8-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

Production Details:

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 10800 pcs/8h
  • Solid Block (240×115×53mm): 38400 pcs/8h
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 76800 pcs/8h
  • Holland Brick (200×100×60-80mm): 31104 pcs/8h

QT6-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 8640-11520 pcs
  • Solid Block (240×115×53mm): 43200-57600 pcs
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 17280-21600 pcs
  • Holland Brick (200×100×60-80mm): 24192–30240 pcs

QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 7200 pcs
  • Solid Block (240×115×53mm): 30720 pcs
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 61440 pcs
  • Holland Brick (200×100×60-80mm): 20736 pcs

QT4-25 Automatic Brick Making Machine

  • Hollow Block (400×200×200mm): 4000 pcs
  • Hollow Block (240×115×90mm): 12000 pcs
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